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How to get from ... to ... in Thailand, how to search for connections and buy tickets in Southeast Asia.

While browsing various forums about Thailand, I constantly see questions about how to get from one place to another. Thailand has a very good transportation infrastructure, but I understand that it can sometimes be complicated to connect a ferry with a bus, find a train, or perhaps decide to take a flight. Below, I will try to address what modes of transportation are available and how to make…
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Published: 24.01.2024

Return ticket from Thailand — what is an onward ticket and why is it needed in Asia.

I've been meaning to write this post for a while. It will be a very practical post. Most travelers who frequently visit Asia will know what it's about. However, for the rest, it might be a useful guide. What's the deal with this onward ticket? So, the immigration office in Thailand (I've also heard about the Philippines and a few other countries) has a requirement that you must have an onward…
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Published: 22.12.2023

I got my second driving license - how and where to get a car driving license in Thailand.

The moment when I intend to return to Poland for some time is slowly coming. At that time, I plan to take my Thai motorcycle license and convert it to a Polish one. However, I thought that since I would have to do it anyway, and I don't have a car driver's license yet, it might be wiser, faster, etc., to also get a car driver's license in Thailand. I'll kill two birds with one stone, convert the…
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Published: 12.09.2023

Learn Thai, Learn Something, and Get a Visa — My Thoughts After Spending a Year on an Educational Visa in Thailand

You come to Thailand as a tourist, you like it and decide to stay longer. You start doing visa runs to extend your stay. At some point, you've spent enough time on tourist visas, so you decide to find a new way to stay longer in the country. Many people recommend an educational visa; you can learn the language (or, for instance, muay thai) and get a visa for a year. Sounds like a good deal. Below…
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Published: 23.08.2023

How to automatically deploy translations from lokalise.com to AWS S3 with serverless?

This article is also good for any use case when you want to add/change/remove something from AWS S3 after your endpoint is triggered. The perfect use case for that is when you want to update your translations files after every update in the localization service. So first let's write how we want to design an AWS architecture for this. Lambda function — this function will be responsible for…
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Published: 07.06.2023

10 unusual attractions in Bangkok, where average tourists don't go

It's been almost a year since I've been living in Bangkok. It is one of those places where I am slowly discovering interesting places while avoiding the ones that are recommended in guidebooks and on blogs. Below, I will present some interesting places/attractions that I like to revisit despite living in the city. 1. Benchakitti Park This park was opened a few years ago and is not mentioned too…
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Published: 06.04.2023

How to survive in Thailand - mobile apps you need!

How to order an Uber, what is the name of a delicious Thai dish or where to check the bus schedule in Bangkok? Due to the large distance from Europe, most of the apps we use in Europe are completely useless, but Thai equivalents can be easily found. Before we get to the apps. Most of them require internet access. Mobile internet is common, fast, and cheap in Thailand. It is very important not to…
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Published: 02.02.2023

In which Dutch bank open a bank account?

When do I need a Dutch bank account? If you live in the Netherlands, you are going to need a local bank account for 2 reasons. First, most Dutch stores don't accept normal cards (like Visa, MasterCard), but they accept Maestro cards (sometimes also V-PAY). Additionally, a lot of places don't accept cash payments, so a Dutch card is a must. Second, if you work for a Dutch employer, you are going to…
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Published: 08.01.2023

How to obtain a Thai motorcycle driving license?

In Poland, I never got a driver's license. In Bangkok, I usually travel by public transport, but the fact that you can't get everywhere without getting stuck in traffic and at reasonable prices made me decide to look into getting a motorcycle driving license in Thailand. After a short research, it turned out that the whole process is much faster than in Europe, and after dealing with a few…
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Published: 20.12.2022

How to rent an apartment in Bangkok?

Two weeks ago I signed up a contract and I received keys to my first apartment in Bangkok. Searching and all paperwork took me around 2 weeks. I think I learn a lot about how to look for an apartment and I think the whole process can be quite interesting. Long-term or short-term lease? In this article I will focus on a long-term lease, in Bangkok, you can find apartment with really good standard…
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Published: 06.09.2022
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