In which Dutch bank open a bank account?

When do I need a Dutch bank account?

If you live in the Netherlands, you are going to need a local bank account for 2 reasons. First, most Dutch stores don't accept normal cards (like Visa, MasterCard), but they accept Maestro cards (sometimes also V-PAY). Additionally, a lot of places don't accept cash payments, so a Dutch card is a must. Second, if you work for a Dutch employer, you are going to need a Dutch bank account number, because your employer needs to transfer your salary somewhere.

Which account to choose?

Your choice depends on one thing. Are you registered in the Netherlands and do you have a BSN number? Without BSN you probably can open an account only in Bunq. But if you have these things, you can choose any bank.


My favourite one, the most convenient bank in the Netherlands.

  • online registration
  • everything available in English
  • modern app
  • municipality registration not needed
  • no BSN needed
  • virtual card for online payments
  • many ways of topping up account

I believe that this is the best Dutch bank for Expats. The big benefit is that you get a virtual card for online payments (because you can't pay online with Dutch Maestro cards). Unfortunately, everything that is good, costs. The price for this account is 2,99 / 8.99 EUR per month (depending on the selected plan). The registration process is fast (thru the mobile application), you need to wait a few days for a card.

You can open it online - Bank website:


  • online or in branch registration
  • everything available in English
  • municipality registration not needed
  • BSN needed
  • traditional bank

The last bank, which offers whole communication in English, is also the most popular bank among Expats. The account costs 2.95 EUR per month. The website and app look a little bit archaic, but everything works quite smooth. If you want to use online services you need to order an E.dentifier device (later you can accept smaller transactions on your phone). By default you will get only a Maestro card, if you want to pay online by card, you need to order a credit card also. From the opening account, you need to wait around one week to get all lists from the bank (please check if they will send you an E.dentifier device). Some time ago bank added the option to register online (on the website or thought app), you need to have a BSN number and Dutch address.

You can open it online or in a branch - Bank website:


  • mobile app or in branch registration
  • app in English / communication in Dutch
  • municipality registration needed
  • BSN needed
  • traditional bank

ING is partially translated to English. As far as I know, the app is totally in English but the Website is mostly in Dutch. Probably letters, emails etc. will be also in Dutch. The price is 2,70 / 3,15 EUR per month. I've heard that after registration you can immediately use online banking, and you need to wait a few days for a card. Important! Bank like to ask for confirmation of municipality registration for registration.

Update 2023, it looks like ING decided to catch up with the competition and allow to open a bank account through a mobile app. Based on their website there is needed a Dutch address and European passport. I didn't test this option, but it looks pretty interesting.

You can open it in mobile app or in a branch - Bank website:


Other banks don't support the English language. They are 2 other big Dutch banks that work only in Dutch.

How to pay online with your card? How to transfer money to your foreign bank account?


As I mentioned before, you can't pay online with a Maestro card. Quite a good solution for that is a virtual wallet - Revolut (Revolut changed to bank some time ago). After registration, you will get a traditional Visa card and you can pay with it online. Additionally, the App offers one of the best exchange rates, so if I want to transfer money from my Dutch account to a Polish one. First I transfer it from a Dutch account to Revolut and later from Revolut to a Polish account (with that operation I save a few Euros with every transaction). Some time ago Revolut joined Express SEPA transfers, so money sent from some Dutch accounts (Bunq, Abn Amro) are transferred Immediately.

You can open Revolut online -

Video about banking in the Netherlands

I have decided to record a video version of the article. So if you prefer to watch/listen instead of listening, you can check the video below.

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Published: 08.01.2023
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