Remote work friendly places in Wroclaw

I checked many blogs, coworking spaces etc. to find the best places for remote work in Wroclaw. Unfortunately, the information that I found wasn't good enough. Many places are closed already, some of them are not the best for remote work, because of that I decided to look for such places on my own. I am sharing the result of my research below.

What are my requirements for places for remote work?

My requirements are quite simple: comfortable table (not too low, like most coffee tables), comfortable chair, quiet in the place, AC (in the summer), fast internet connection, access to electricity (I don't need it, but most of the computers can't stay for the whole day on battery).


Gniazdo is my favourite place. The coffee shop has a great speciality coffee, cakes, breakfasts and lunches. You can find electricity sockets close to almost every table, internet connection is really fast. In the summer you can sit on a patio, where you can find additional tables. This place is quite good for remote workers so I always see a few people with computers around.

Gniazdo - Świdnicka 36, Wrocław


Barbara is the most tamous places among students. Two zones, a lot of space. Comfortable tables and chairs. You have Etno cafe inside, where you can order coffee, tea and breakfast. The place is perfect for remote work. The only problem is a weak internet connection, so it is good to come with a mobile hotspot.

Barbara - Świdnicka 8B, Wrocław

Green Caffè Nero

Chain coffee shop with tasty cakes and good sadnwitches. The place has everything that is needed for work, comfortable sits and fast internet. Additionally, what is important this hot summer, the place has really good AC.

Green Caffè Nero Szewska - Szewska 8, Wrocław

Green Caffè Nero Kościuszki - plac Kościuszki 1, Wrocław

Other places that are worth consider

  • Shopping malls - shopping malls also discovered remote work trend, in some of them you can find space ideally for that. Mostly these places are in the corners of foodcourts. You can find such spaces in: Wroclavia, Pasaż Grunwaldzki, Magnolia.
  • Libraries - some libraries have computer zone, learning zone etc. I don't see any reason to not use these spaces for work.
  • Bema cafe - I have never been inside, but some people recommend this place.
  • SpaceRebels - In a few places in Wroclaw, you can find a "phone booth" that you can rent for hours. It looks like an interesting idea for people who have a lot of calls in their work.
Published: 08.08.2022
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