How to survive in Thailand - mobile apps you need!

How to order an Uber, what is the name of a delicious Thai dish or where to check the bus schedule in Bangkok? Due to the large distance from Europe, most of the apps we use in Europe are completely useless, but Thai equivalents can be easily found.

Before we get to the apps. Most of them require internet access. Mobile internet is common, fast, and cheap in Thailand. It is very important not to buy a sim card at the airport, as tourist cards with short validity and high prices are usually sold there. From personal experience, it is easiest to buy a sim card at the 7-11 network of stores. They can be found almost everywhere. The cost of the card for a month is 200 - 400 baht, depending on the package.



agoda app

If we want to book a hotel in Poland, we probably will use the service, in Asia the more popular portal is Agoda (belonging to the same company). The design of the app is slightly better and you can find more offers at slightly lower prices.

The app is available on Web, IOS and Android.


12goasia app

12Go is an app for searching and buying buses, ferries, trains, etc. A must-have for traveling in Asia.

The app is available on Web, IOS and Android.

Thai superapps

Superapps, applications that perform much more that one function. They are really useful in daily life.


Line app

Line started as a messaging app. If you want to contact any company/person in Thailand, you are likely to do so using this app. Additionally, the app receives a multitude of additional features (note, if you want to use them, you must register Line with a Thai phone number, if you do it with another, you will not be able to find many options), such as: a shopping platform, food delivery ordering, taxi ordering and mobile payments (for residents).

The app is available on IOS and Android.


Grab app

Grab is the Asian equivalent of Uber. Or at least that's how it started. It is the only transportation app where you can attach your card and not worry about the driver giving you change. In addition to rides on Grab, you can order food, store products, hotels, and much more.

The app is available on IOS and Android.

Transportation Apps

While Grab is the most popular transportation app, it is definitely not the cheapest. Other apps can offer a ride price that is even half as cheap.


Bolt app

Bolt is also known in Europe. In Bangkok, it is definitely the cheapest transportation app, unfortunately in Thailand, you can only pay for rides in cash. Additionally, when high demand, ordering transportation through the app is almost impossible.

The app is available on IOS and Android.


indrive app

Indrive is another transportation app, I usually reach for it when I can't find anything on Bolt, and the prices on Grab are skyrocketing. Indrive allows you to propose your own ride price to both drivers and passengers.

The app is available on IOS and Android.


viabus app

ViaBus is an application that helps to ride in buses in Bangkok. Unfortunately, it is not sufficient for getting around the city and works best in conjunction with Google Maps, which suggests a specific route, and then that route can be put into ViaBus to see which buses operate on that route and how long you will have to wait.

The app is available on IOS and Android.

Google Maps

google maps app

Google Maps is known by everyone, in Bangkok it is a necessary app for navigating the city. It easily shows which means of transportation we should take to reach our destination.

The app is available on Web, IOS and Android.

Food ordering


foodpanda app

Foodpanda is my favorite food delivery app in Thailand. It is probably the best translated app with restaurant menus into English, so I roughly know what I am ordering, unlike in other apps.

The app is available on Web, IOS and Android.

Online shopping


lazada app

Lazada is the second most popular shopping platform after Shopee, but it has a big advantage over Shopee for foreigners. It accepts foreign payment cards.

The app is available on Web, IOS and Android.


shopee app

Shopee is the most popular shopping platform in Thailand. However, for foreign visitors, it is not very useful as you need to have a local bank account to pay for the order or pay in cash upon delivery.

The app is available on Web, IOS and Android.

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Published: 02.02.2023
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