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Remote work from Madeira and Lisbon

Why have I decided to work remotely from Portugal? Portugal is popular as a great place for digital nomads on the Internet. Specially Madeira as a best place in Portugal in Polish digital nomads chat. Madeira We've managed to buy a flight for 70 EUR (Easyjet with a guaranteed change in London). We got back through Lisbon and Madrid (another 75 EUR, but we chose these routes because I wanted to…
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Published: 10.06.2022

In which German bank open a bank account?

When do I need a German bank account? If you live in Germany, you going to need a local bank account because of 2 reasons. The first one is that most of the German stores don't accept normal cards issued in the whole world (like Visa, Mastercard), but they accept only local cards (Maestro, EC, V-PAY). Second thing is that, if you work for a German employer, you going to need a German account…
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Published: 27.05.2022
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